El Toro Mexican Grill is a Maine-based food truck specializing in authentic Mexican burritos, tacos, quesadillas and more. Chef and Owner, Garnet Keim, is dedicated to creating premium fare and strives to use fresh local ingredients whenever possible. We proudly support and source from the following Maine food producers; Cold Spring Ranch , Rustic Roots Farm, Sandy River Farms, Backyard Farms, Tortilleria Pachanga, and Lake View Farms. Our corn tortillas are 100% gluten-free and non-GMO.


Garnet Keim
Master of Creation
(Chef and Owner)

Garnet hails from Weld, Maine but has spent the last 2 decades living in Los Angeles & Seattle as well as various international locations.  Upon arriving in LA in his early 20’s he quickly discovered and devoured the Mexican food truck scene.  His love for Mexican cuisine deepened as he started to frequent the country, spending time in Tijuana, La Paz, Mazatlan, Tulum, Merida, Belize, Costa Rica and more.  Cooking great Mexican food and sharing it is a passion and he’s excited to bring El Toro Mexican Grill to his old stomping grounds in Maine! Garnet also works in international music publishing, is singer/songwriter/guitarist of the bands The Blakes and Beads, and Dad to Jude Wilder and Aero Santiago.

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anneholloway2016Anne Holloway
Director of Disaster Prevention
(Business Manager, Customer Service & Community Outreach)

Partnership is nothing new to Anne and Garnet.  They met in Seattle, pulled up their NW roots to adventure in SE Asia, settled in Portland, Maine and now live in Weld with their two young sons.  Anne holds an MA in International Education and spent many years traveling the globe and working with institutions of higher learning.  Spending time in places like Peru, Mexico, Jordan, Oman, Turkey, Greece, Italy & France gave Anne a deep appreciation for unique flavors, use of fresh ingredients and most of all the importance of food as the center of community and family.  She is thrilled to be alongside Garnet in yet another life adventure and looks forward to bringing her passion for people, travel and creativity to Maine in the form of authentic Mexican food!

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